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Trends, episode one

As you probably noticed, a lot of the posts have the “episode whatever” tags. That’s because I intend to never make newer episodes. Kinda like all the TV rejects.

Today we are going to talk (see) about the ceiling stopframe movie trend.

The first one, Oren Lavie – Her morning elegance. I am posting them in the order of their appearance.

The second one, entitled “Sorry I’m late” – www.sorry-im-late.com

And now I ask you this: why oh why, after a guy conceives a personal style, you steal it, and make it into a marketing idea? Are the marketers generally stupid, or is it just me? I will come back with another post regarding the same thing about outdoor advertising in the romanian metro-stations (with the “very original” theme – grafitti). Feed us crap. We’ll call it Nutella.

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