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Who here hasn’t heard of Paul Rand? Please, close this blog, and shove a sharp object in your nose, as you run towards a wall.

Rand was a “business problem solver and an artist”. In this video, Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) discusses the great, (logo) designer, Paul Rand. Problem solve first, design later.

I’m quite positive that this video has been around for quite some time (since it was filmed in 1993), but for those who missed it here is an interview with Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, discussing his logo designer, Paul Rand – Steve is one happy client (effin’ sigh!). Just to be clear, this is about back when he was in NeXT. Damn, is he an alchemist?

This was my first time seeing this interview and it was extremely inspiring to see a client speak so highly of their logo designer and appreciate the value of design so thoughtfully. Does this ever happen in real life?

Anyway, I like what he says about Paul offering ONE solution, instead of options. It’s a risky tactic, but I agree. The more solutions you give the client, the more you confuse him.

In the end, instead of asking you what you think, if you could let me just copy-paste a quote.

“Design is everything. Everything!” Paul Rand


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