pinto luego existo

Shall we?

With the glass of water half empty, nervously sharpening my crayon, I wander off into a world of perfect first blog posts. So naturally, instead of having a brainstorming session, I took the half-assed way. But even that seemed a way that would imply me actually thinking it through. Being in what idiots and journalists (the same thing) call “the three-minute generation“, it couldn’t be done by a long-shot. It was then only natural for me to post a youtube video about a freak. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be a design slash advertising slash what was it blog, but you see, aw, look at the kitty.

…But seriously now, I always liked design quotes, as they can teach you more than any book, and I’ll tell you why. Don’t get me wrong, the “Universal Principles of Design” by William Lidwell and Kritina Holden is an excellent book and I recommend it, but just as pure lecture.

Picture this.
Let’s just say you, the respected reader, are a newbie designer, mesmerized by all the “glitz and glamour” this industry has to offer. You don’t know where to start, the veterans are not showing you any smooth love, the writers at the books for dummies think you’re a dummy, and so forth. So what this young designer should do is build himself a hierarchy of resources which will help him develop his skill, his own ideas which he will later on lay upon the world.

Look, honestly, the country I come from, Romania, doesn’t have jack shit for an educational system. We do not have specialized design schools, even if we are willing to pay a tuition. All we have are shit for brains and laundry money in our socks.
So schools are somewhere on the very bottom of my self-development pyramid. Yes, I have quit faculty twice now. Any Romanian school teachers reading this, you should carefully listen. After one year of “shoveage” of more than questionable courses, bullshit grading systems and required attendance, it was a no-brainer that I have no business wasting my time in there. When I was in highschool, faculty looked like a good dream, where finally you could study what you damn pleased, be rewarded because of who you really are, and get a chance to excell, be a better man. But the dream vanished, along with my patience, because I will not waste years of my life pleasing my parents, receiving a diploma or live with the illusion that a faculty guarrantees a good job.

Next on my list there’s the beer peer pressure. It exists everywhere, from the day you are born. Maybe even before that. It is pointless to write about the troubled life of an artist soul, never satisfied with his own work, always ashamed of what he thinks or creates, always judged and looked at for having paint on his sneakers.
When I first started working at a pseudo-agency back in my hometown, I had to learn to cope with a guy cutting metal next to my ear while trying to make a beautiful logo.
Later on, the older designers developed a fucked up feeling called envy, mainly because I know how to manage a new situation within the three minutes my brain can focus it’s attention in one place, and secondly because they’re old poop-pants. Facing such rancor, miscommunication and
unsportsmanlike conduct, it was clear that the way to go is alone in this expedition. The only way that a newbie designer can get to learning new techniques is by stealing from his colleagues, because he will not get trained. Let’s face it, when did you last treat a new colleague of yours with patience and understanding, for he might not have been as fortunate as you in becoming a human-encyclopedia of advertising.
I will not debate the concept of “supervisors” or “account mangers” at this time, for they have no moral or enriching value whatsoever. They’re like supersaturated-fats.

Onwards to the next step, which is fairly important to me, and it’s called DIY Y JKS(Do It Yourself, You Jackass). That literally means “jammin’ with the symphony”. Who’s to say you’re right or wrong? The rules get changed every day, so why not be one of them that turns the world upside down, revolutionizes it. For instance, just try to think to a possible solution to a problem you’ve never encountered. Sure it can fail miserably, but then again, Bill Gates is rich.

On a lighter note, thank the Lord for the second web, with it’s abundance of LOLCat tutorial blogs, freelancer blogs, interview blogs, and plain ol’ eye candy blogs. I would be light years behind if it weren’t for these things. It’s like being at Louis Vuitton’s fashion show in the front row, and giving him drunk-honest feedback through comments.
Think about it. A book contains usually like 10% of what a blog can manage easily, content-wise. But blog = free. See where I’m getting here? Plus, books tend to have a preachy attitude towards the reader, especially those self-help books. Another thing that’s in the negative side of books is the eco-argument. Why cut trees if you write boring stupid bullshit? This goes out to you, my behated teachers.
That is why I like design quotes. Wise tales from the masters. What is your favorite quote?

The last-but-certainly-not-least step is Nirvana. That sensorial revelation you have when you’re dreaming a geometrical symbol, an ad, an idea, and you wake up in cold dripping sweats, rushing to the moleskine to lay it down into immortality. And this.

These are the steps that make me the designer I am today. But I am interrested to see what are your steps. What does this hierarchy look like to you?


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