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Got a lot to say, part one.

Yes, I am passionate about art history. The past has a lot to say about the future, and all that phylosophical shit. Was reading Milton Glaser’s essay ‘Ten Things I Have Learned‘ one night, and, with your permission, I would like to write a similar one, with how I see things now. Future me, please don’t judge me for how I used to think – and also, never eat or drink anything that has the last year’s Xmas promotional packaging. Thanks.

You can only work for people that you like.
Always thought of myself as a man who ponders about phylosophical shit and has strong principles and ethical values; it’s a contradiction, because, as an advertiser, you get to put those righteous things in a closet and throw away the key. Don’t get it? Let me explain. For instance, you’re a designer that’s a hardcore environmentalist but a mining company is offering you a million dollars to make a campaign to change the public opinion regarding poisoning the earth, rich snobs, destroying the local culture, etc. Of course you do it, because a million dollars can buy a lot of bubble gum, but your green ego has just commited suicide. You feel bad, and you wish your client suddenly went bankrupt.
Anyway, I strongly believe that in order to make good advertising, one must believe in that project, have an affectionate relationship with the idea. For that’s why you chose this profession – for it’s unpredictability, for the opportunity to be godlike, creating beautiful, astonishing things, for smacking fate on the tush, for fucking the rules.

If you have a choice, never have a job.
From the dawn of time, we are fed fear on a silver platter. What would we do if food, clothes and a roof were free? We’d be bored to death – like in Paradise. Uhm, fuck no?
The Venus Project. Imagine a life without fucking politicians, without fucking retarded policemen, without worries and stress. You could do things exclusively from your heart. What do you think about this?

Some people are toxic. Avoid them.
Aside from all authority – people that have the IQ under 40 yet still have ‘managing partner’ written on their business cards, people that think that just because they’re old – they’re better than you, people that think any discussion is to be taken personally – egocentric, people that feed on stereotypes – homophobic narrowminded assholes, conformists, pseudo-nonconformists, bad kharma caused by bad odour people. You cannot bloom with all these weeds(yes, I wish it were that kind too) next to you.

The good is the enemy of the great.
When I was very young, used to always give in to peer pressure in order to be somewhere near popular kids. I think this is worse than AIDS, SARS or pig-SARS. Every job demands you to be professional, but what does that means? Arriving at work on time, staying overtime with no overpay, being proactive all the time, shut the fuck up, don’t have opinions, do as you are told and idolize your superiors. Really? By following these things, I will receive the ‘professional‘ badge, chief boyscout?! NO! I’d rather be late for work and be the first one that scrams, talk back, throw the account manager out the fucking window, write on the walls and never flush – if it makes me come with a brilliant idea. Don’t like it? Fire me.

Less is not necessarily more.
Really? More stereotypes and trends? Pink is the new black? Exercise the eye of the heart, not the asshole of the world.


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2 Responses

  1. Neo says:

    A little from the encyclopedia of bullshit that surrounds us all, ain't it the truth.

  2. Matei Tudor says:

    Yes, but it shouldn't surround us. We shall overcome.

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