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I like Mozart.

For many, Milton Glaser is the personification of American graphic design. Best known for co-founding New York Magazine and the enduring I ♥ NY campaign, the full breadth of Glaser’s remarkable artistic output is revealed in this documentary portrait, Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight. From newspapers and magazine designs, to interior spaces, logos, and brand identities, to his celebrated prints, drawings, posters and paintings, the documentary offers audiences a much richer appreciation for one of the great modern renaissance men.

Artfully directed by first time filmmaker Wendy Keys, the film glances into everyday moments of Glaser’s personal life and capture his immense warmth, humanity and the boundless depth of his intelligence and creativity.

For all my readers from the US, I also found the dates and cinemas that it will be airing on:

New York City: Cinema Village, May 22nd
San Francisco: The Roxie, June 19th
Boston: MFA, July 2nd
Chicago: Gene Siskel Film Center, June 12th
Denver: Starz Film Center, June 12th
Albuquerque: Guild Cinema, June 27th and 28th
Las Vegas: AIGA, June 18th

Here’s another bonus for my readers, a little movie about Milton Glaser. It inspires me so much about the future.


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5 Responses

  1. p!nkarmoire says:

    art is… whatever. wtvr :P but I do <3 NY and milton's scarf. and his work, of course.

  2. Matei Tudor says:

    This may be the best definition to art, ever. Regarding Milton, it makes me wonder, how do some people have so much talent? I think it’s all about believing in yourself. Thanks, p!nkarmoire.

  3. rziemba says:

    Senior citizen Glaser admirer is looking to purchase a copy of the Mozart poster he created in the 1960s. Ten panels of Mozart in profile, then in the eleventh panel he sneezes, then the twelfth panel is like the first ten. Anyone know where I could get one?rziemba@spfldcol.edu

  4. Matei Tudor says:

    @rziemba – I will e-mail you some e-stores where you can buy the piece entitled 'Mozart sneezes'

  5. p!nkarmoire says:

    what do you think about this (take a look at my tumblr blog)… readjustment?

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